Is Sony manipulating upcoming PS4 reviews?

This information comes from a so called "MisterX"

MisterX Media

I don't know who he is or how credible his information is, but it does seem to correlate with the information about Adam Sessler's recent tweets. He goes into a bit of detail about Sony not allowing any direct feed videos of any PS4 content for journalists or Youtube commentators.

Adam Sessler's Twitter

According to MisterX and his sources, Sony has yet to give several media outlets PS4 review units despite other journalists having Xbox One review units for weeks. Apparently they are only giving debug units to certain Sony biased sites.

He also brings to light a PS4 overheating issue that has been occurring with the PS4 debug units.

What do you guys think? Does this stuff seem like it could be true? Are PS4 fans in for a rude awakening in the next few weeks?