Best New PCs, all MIA?

Am I alone in thinking the supposed best computers of the moment are just mirages or pure compilations of stats that don't add up to good devices? The wide-ranging comparisons that were the basis for this recent Verge article sort of put a point on the lack of real world availability for these best of breed and the disconnect between reviews and real world use.

The Yoga 2 has been my primary focus but it's availability since 'launch' has held up my purchase. On sale through just BestBuy & Lenovo themselves, only the most low tier models are currently shipping. The great price the former is offering on the i7 version has never actually offered a shipping option and the 'in store' alternative turns up negative for every zip code I punch in. In retrospect, I'm glad for the delay because there seem to be widespread quality problems that Lenovo hasn't hammered out and hasn't confirmed it can hammer out with updates. That completely precludes buying from Lenovo directly because of the high likelihood of a necessary return in the first few days of ownership.

The last PC I bought directly from a foreign manufacturer was a Samsung Series 9 and it had power port problems that required returning it to the factory twice in one year. I'm not going through that process again, even though my eye has also been on the Ativ Book 9. This device has the same display as the Yoga but it's price starts at $200 more for half the specs. It would be one thing if Samsung was known for immaculate build quality that could justify that expense but that's simply not the case.

The Kirabook is by no means an option I'm considering, but there are others of its ilk. I'm most intrigued/concerned about the Acer S7 as an option, mostly because it more than meets the desires I have for a new machine but at the same time more than one reviewer states it's the best PC of just only this very second. That's a strong caution to hold off.

That leaves Macs (Pro or Air) as the last devices standing and available now. This is wildly perplexing to me that the best, most affordable PCs I can now buy are Macs. Unfortunately there's the Apple tax for peripherals and needing to actually purchase a copy of Windows separately but it seems I still might come out ahead going this route.

Sorry, I know this was long but am I misunderstanding any of this? Can anyone offer up recommendations?