Let's See Those Windows 8.1 Startscreens

So Windows 8.1 has been out for more than a week now and I haven't seen any post like this for 8.1 yet. So I decided to make one. When I first got Windows 8, I realized for whatever reason that I liked the start screen with 3 rows and unfortunately due to my laptop's screen resolution it has 4 or I can make it have 5 with the new "Show more tiles" feature under the start screen settings...but I just realized that I like the the start screen with 3 rows because the tiles were more centered in the screen...so I've been messed around with my 8.1 start screen and finally made a layout that I really like! I figured how to get 3.5 rows and now the tiles are a lot more centered from the top of the screen to the bottom that 4 or 5 rows. What's your all start screen layouts look like?