Music Creation Software for Windows 8

Hey everyone,

I've been using ProTools for awhile on my notebook, and while it is great for doing heavy lifting, I'm looking for something that is light and simple for capturing song ideas. Since I've had ProTools for a couple of years now, I haven't needed to look for an alternative, but here I am.

Can you guys share what works for you in the Windows world? Here are my needs.

Basic plug and play with my USB midi keyboard (Oxygen 49 I think).

Basic plug and play with a hardware interface. I can't remember which one I have now, but it has a couple of XLR inputs and 1/4" inputs as well.

My needs for songwriting are pretty basic. I'd like to be able to record a few tracks and save them for future development once an idea strikes.

That's pretty much it. Budget doesn't matter.