Boxes and Boxes of Nexus 5s

It's almost time guys!

Nexusae0_nkafxfw_medium Nexusae0_spupycx_medium

I feel Google are running out of time before someone in a stock room takes one out of the box and shows the world Kit Kat and the Nexus 5 in depth.


Canadian carrier Wind Mobile had a notify page up with a list of specs:


Page has since been taken down, this is from there Facebook page:

Ian posted toWIND Mobile 36 minutes ago when are you selling the nexus 5?

WIND Mobile Hey Ian,
At this moment I cannot confirm if WIND will be carrying that device. If a phone is going to be available for purchase through WIND, you will see an official online announcement here or at or at our retail locations.
- Anthony

More info over at Android Police