iPhone 5c/5s and T-Mobile $30 per month plan

I'm considering jumping to T-Mobile since my Verizon contract is currently month-to-month. I was thinking of picking up a new iPhone 5c or 5s and using their $30/month prepaid plan (100 minutes talk, unlimited text, 5GB of data), but neither phone shows up in their "compatibility list". I also read this at the bottom of the page:

"Not all iPhones® and iPads are compatible with the T-Mobile network. Except for with unlocked iPhone 5, T-Mobile cannot currently support Apple products that originated from Verizon® or Sprint®.

iPhones in most markets operate at 2G (EDGE) speeds on the T-Mobile network because of issues with the device design.

We’re upgrading our network to make our 4G network compatible with a more devices, including the iPhone, in 2013."

Does this mean my plan is dead in the water?