Trash Again Project - No sheet wasted

Yeah we are from Vietnam and we have an activity that we really want to show to friends all around the world.

Trash Again is a series of activities in the operation of the Dash For Impact 2013 contest organized by AIESEC FTU Hanoi.Okay maybe you don't even know what Dash For Impact is, but I hope some of you to know AIESEC.

Anyway, this project we are running aims at sheets which are thrown away while they still have some benefits, such as one side printed paper, the other side is usable, but for some reasons, we throw it away.

We go to photocopy stores to collect these sheets, and we go to schools in Hanoi ( is our city where we live ) to talk to students about our project, and encourage them to donate crumpled and wasted sheets to us.

Then we gather them and make notebooks from that, and, again, we go to schools to give free notebooks to them students who have donated us paper.

We also go to the charity or schools that their students don't have enough paper to write. And we give books we have collected ( from the bunch of sheets we collect, there are some old books), we also give them for free.

After you have understood out project, it's advertising time.We don't just want people in Hanoi to know about our project, we want friends from different countries to know about them. The last purpose is to raise awareness about minimizing the amount of paper used in schools and photocopy stores. Thanks.