Why aren't OEM's taking Ultrabooks seriously!

Woohoo, I just got a nice bonus and I've finally decided I can bin my old Dell Vostro from '08 now.

What I really what now is something that is very powerful, so I won't have to update for a few years, lightweight so I can lug it around campus all day and for it to have great battery life because like to work outside.

One problem is that OEM's just seem too lazy to try their hardest.

The absolute best Ultrabook I've come across are the Acer S7, Lenovo Yoga, Sony Vaio Pro and Dell XPS 12.

These are all great Ultrabooks but many of them just have a few nick which make them a very hard buy.

I'm gonna be comparing a little to the MBA, I know you guys will point out that the MBA doesn't have a high res screen or touch screen or that "OSX sucks" but it is the main competition here.

Some important things about the new MBA:

Wifi ac

Great battery life (~6hr of heavy usage, heavy web surfing, 1080p videos, downloading movies)

Good graphics capabilities

Now, the only Ultrabook that comes close to the MBA is the Vaio Pro with the Sheet battery with a battery life of 6.5 hours but that puts the thickness up to 3cm which is nearly double the MacBook Air thickness at its thickest point.

And even then the Acer and Sony don't have WiFi AC and numerous online reviewers, The Verge included, have commented on it's poor range.

One of my biggest annoyances though are some of the smaller things, for instance Apple uses the i5-4250 in the MBA. This is very similar to the i5-4200U used in most Ultrabooks but with one main difference, the MBA has Intel 5000 Iris graphics.

The CPU in the MBA only costs and extra $50 but the graphics performance is about 20% more.

Also, the MBA uses LPDDR3 RAM, the kind you find in smart phones. The Acer S7 for example uses DDR3L RAM which operates at 1.35V, thats 13% higher.

The thing is, Ultrabooks are so close to beating the MBA but they fall down in a few big areas. OEMs listen up, try harder!

While you are at it, things like Matte displays, better touchpads, 1080p front cameras, better speakers would help.

I would also like to point out that the naming scheme for all these Ultrabooks are the most confusing thing in the world, Sony has done a good job at it but if I just want to buy "The Samsung Ultrabook" or "The Acer Ultrabook" I'm gonna have a bad time.