Best Router for Home and Next-Gen

So I have Fios, and with Fios, I pay for 50/25mbps. My router is my bedroom, where most of it's use comes from. I have a Macbook Air and iPhone 5s using it's WiFi, and sometimes I do some torrenting of 1-2GB files. Using FiOS's router, I get about 9Mbps up and down, and wired I get about 51Mbps. I have my Xbox 360 hard wired to my router, and soon my Xbox One will take over that spot. I know that the 5GHZ is not good in long range, but my router is literally 8 feet from my couch in my bedroom where most of my browsing is done.

So I've been looking into a new router as my current one is not an N router, and because of the area I live, it's running on 2.4GHZ with about 20 other networks using the same band. I'd tried using different channels, but really can never get anywhere near my 50Mbps number (I'd be satisfied with 20-25 honestly). I've tried asking Verizon to upgrade my router, but no good there. So I must purchase one. My options.

An Apple Extreme A1408. I can possibly get this for around 50-80 bucks through craigslist. It's the fifth generation model.

An Netgear Nighthawk, which has amazing reviews on Amazon and Polygon's Arthur Gies also had a great impression write up on it. It's AC, instead of N so it's a bit future proof. It runs for $199 on Amazon, where I have a 60 dollar gift card.

If anyone has had good/bad experiences with these or any other routers please let me know!