Valve, Steam, Windows 8, and the future of PC gaming (assumptions and speculation)

Well, it's no secret that Valve has negative feelings towards Windows 8 and the direction Microsoft is going, so I think it might be safe to assume a few things:

  1. There will never be a touch/modern version of Steam on RT or WP
  2. The desktop version of Steam will never DPI-scale without looking blurry
  3. There will never be a "touch-friendly" genre or category of games on Steam

What do you guys think? Am I correct, or do you think Valve will wake up one day and realize that most of their users aren't going to blindly follow them into the world of their own "OS" or "gaming console"?

And here's another thought: Should we be thankful for Origin (finally a Steam competitor), or do we even need a game distribution competitor now that the Windows App store has gone live? Will publishers push their games straight onto the Windows market place going forward?

Curious on your thoughts.