Let's All Stay in the Past

It has become obvious to any good observer that technology isn't progressing as it should. With every leap in technology, people only become more unhappy.

When Google Glass got an upgrade to have a port for an earbud without increasing weight or bulk, people were unhappy that they could choose to look more "borg-like" for better sound quality.

Within 5 minutes of Project Ara's announcement, those with weak constitutions nearly had a heart attack that the smartphone could become more modular and that consumers may have to customize their phones when ordering.

Now people are worried sick for the future. Heaven forbid, Google may even make a smartwatch and other people may wear non-jewelry on their wrist. The horror!

To resolve this issue, Google could simply become a search and OS provider and never touch hardware with a ten foot pole.

Or perhaps more realistically, those terrified by the future may stay on this post and let us other poor souls venture into the future ourselves.