Guys, stop using numerical scores.

Engadget got it right a long time ago. Number values become less and less meaningful as each day passes.

Michael Fisher at Pocketnow says it best -

"I absolutely cannot stand assigning numeric scores to products I review. The process is so fraught with unnecessary compromise, and so much truth is lost in trying to distill two to three thousand words of copy into a handful of numbers that it almost completely undermines the core purpose of the review: to tell you what it feels like to use the product. A score doesn’t do that. It tries (and almost always fails) to encapsulate a subjective experience in an objective format, and it sucks. Furthermore, it lowers the quality of the reader discussion, by pandering to those readers who only open a review to look at the score, then immediately jump down to the comments to praise or lambast the reviewer for a "too-low" (or sometimes "too-high") number. If it were up to me, Pocketnow would eliminate review scores entirely. "