Help regarding horrible HTC one camera

I bought a HTC one exactly 4 months ago, living in India. initially, the camera looked fine, with night shots coming out incredibly good. but for the last 2 months or so, the pink flare on the camera has become a huge nuisance. it has become so bad that even day shots have that pink flare all over the screen! (I'll post photos later, as I've left my laptop in my room). but the real problem now is that, I don't have any official HTC stores in my current city, and I'm afraid to give it to ANYONE else other than official HTC service personnel. I'll be going to Chennai, and that place has official HTC stores. the question is, will I get a replacement if I ask for it at the store?? or they will get it fixed for me? because I've to leave my phone with them till the next time i go there. (and forgot to mention, I bought my phone from Univercell.. it's something like walmart, flipkart.. the biggest dealer in India. and again, there are no Univercell shops in my current city. and if there are people from India in this forum, any idea whether Univercell can help me out in this problem??)