Now that we're at iOS 7, can data be shared between apps more easily?

I'm an ex-iOS user. I switched over to android back when the iPhone was still running on iOS 4. I'm thinking of switching back. I'm quite happy with android, it does everything I need it to do, but I'm just looking for a change, to try something "new." Two things that I really enjoy with Android that I know were missing for the most part in iOS 4 was the ability to share data between apps and apps launched by hyperlinks.

For some who may not be familiar with android, an example of sharing data between apps is when browsing on chrome, you can hit menu > share and share the page you're viewing to many apps installed on your phone such as Pocket, GroupMe, Facebook, Gmail etc. Another example is if I'm viewing a picture in GroupMe, I can share that photo to my Gmail app and send an email. Older iOS versions were very limited in how you can share; I'm curious if this has changed much in iOS 7.

The other feature, apps launched by hyperlinks, happens when you click on a link (youtube, twitter, facebook, etc.) in an email, text, browser and instead of following the link to your browser, and the OS asks you which app you want to use to open that link or you can default the OS to open all youtube links using the youtube app.

So have these features been added or improved in the latest iOS?