Nexus 7 vs Note 8.0

So im looking for a new tablet after owning the original Nexus 7 since launch. Over the past few months the little guy hasnt been getting much use, if any at all. However i have just started university in the last few weeks and have revived the good ole nexus for taking into lectures for following slides (and pdf's etc) as well as cheekily browsing the verge in boring lectures. Its pretty battered and i want to upgrade it.

Up until now ive only ever thought of getting the new N7 (2013) with its gorgeous screen and great build quality but the launch of the new note 10.1 has brought the note 8.0 to the front of my mind. Im also thinking that it would be great for what i want to use it for as i can make notes on the slides themselves with the S-pen. Today i used them both in a PC World store and i must say i was underwhelmed by the N7, it doesnt really seem all that different from the original. I know all the spec increases are there but it just felt boring.

This is where the Note was different. It was exciting, new and the note taking abilities seemed to work well from my few minutes with the device. I also much prefer the 8 inch form factor as it feels like the sweet spot between 7 and 10 inches. And dare i say it, Touchwiz felt...nice (i use the N4 and N7 currently both on stock based Roms)

The main disadvantage of the note is it has the same 1280x800 as the original N7 compared to the 2013 N7's 1920x1200

via images.gizmag.com2013-nexus-7-vs-galaxy-note-8-5_medium

So my question really is has anyone here got the Note 8.0? How is it for note taking? Seeing as its the main reason i want the device i hope its good in real life use. What do you guys recommend?

....or i could wait for the new N10 lol