LTE - Are you using it?

It sounds a bit silly, I know. But, well, having just received my first LTE capable smartphone (iPhone 5S), this has suddenly become relevant to me. I'm curious about the general real-world state of LTE networks.

I live in Calgary (Canada), and we've allegedly had LTE coverage for 2 years now.

So, I was obviously fairly excited to give this a go. My old iPhone 4S was fine on HSPA, but I was still interested to see what LTE was actually capable of. I'm on Telus.

The first speed test downtown in my office impressed me. My building has awful reception, but I still managed about 15 down, 2 up. I tried again on the train on the way home. This is where things got interesting and disappointing. When I did have LTE signal, I was getting a solid 25 down, 5 up. That's WAY faster than my home internet connection. But, I had to suffer through so many dead spots where I kept getting kicked back to HSPA.

When I got home, I had more of the same. I'd be struggling to get 1 bar (er, dot) of reception on LTE. If I turned it off, my HSPA reception would be as excellent as it always was. So, upon realizing just how spotty the coverage seemed to be, I basically just turned it off.

My travels in Germany showed me that making my phone constantly switch between networks (in that case, between Edge and HSPA), drained the battery at a rather alarming rate. So, I don't even want to bother with that. HSPA+ is fine, and I don't really feel like micro-managing my network settings.

So, if you'll pardon the rambling tale, I'm curious about your experience. Is LTE available in your area? Are you using it? How is the actual reception? Do you have a fairly constant signal, or are you dropping to HSPA constantly?