I was inspired a bit my the Status Symbol : Razr post put on the site earlier today. It got me thinking about the cell phones I've had up until now. So I thought I'd ask you guys. As far back as you can remember, what cell phones have you had. They don't have to be as detailed as mine. I'll Start....


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2002-2003 (Red) Nokia 8210

650 MH battery, Monochrome Display, Infared Port, Customizable face. The irony isn't lost on that my 1st phone is a red nokia.


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2003-2005 Samsung e-105

65,000-color LCD, 1,000-contact phone book, AOL Instant Messaging, text messaging. A whopping 3 hours of talk time. Samsung_a700_medium

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2005-2006 Samsung MM-A700

2 color screens (65,000 color exterior 262,000 interior), E-mail support (IMAP, POP3), 500 - Name phone book.


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2006 - 2008 Motorola KRZR K1m

2 color screens (65,536 color exterior - 176x220 interior) 20 MB internal memory, MicroSD, Audio Playback: MP3, AAC, and AAC+ Connectivity: Bluetooth 2.0, including A2DP stereo profile. Mini-USB.


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2008 - 2010 HTC Diamond

Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional, HTC Touch Flow UI, 256 MB internal flash/192 MB RAM /4 GB internal storage. This is the 1st smartphone I ever owned.


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2010 - 2012 HTC Arrive

Windows Phone 7, 3.6 inch Capacitive Touchscreen, 800x480-pixel resolution, 16GB built-in storage, Hardware keyboard. I actually liked this phone. It was good for what it did, I was going to choose the HTC EVO but I didn't like Android 2.1.


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2013 (Red) Nokia Lumia 920

Like I said, it's not lost on me my 1st and current phone is Nokia (possibly the last Nokia I'll own). I do somewhat envy the Apple app store selection but I don't envy that UI. As for Android, it's improved a lot but there's something "hollow" about it I don't like. And I love the hardware of this phone. I actually like the fact it's a tank. It doesn't feel 'frail' I never forgot I have it, or that I'm holding it.

So that's mine.....how about you guys.