My predictive Nexus 5 storage space rant

I'm not sure I have achieved fan boy status as I try to keep an open mind to alternate possibilities however I'm current an Android Addict. Furthermore I'm a Stock UI & Nexus addict. Worst of all I'm a spec junkie (sorry Josh specs aren’t dead, try and run a new app on the Moto X in 18 months time). So I write this cognisant that I am coming from a particularly narrow space on the smart phone user Venn diagram.

I love my phone (unless its flat). For years I wanted a Hub in my pocket where my email, contacts, music, videos, photos and sat nav all sat nicely in one spot usable in multiple configurations but always with my latest preferences and instance just there. I tried many PDA's all of them let me down and ended up being a nuance to carry in addition to my phone. Now this dream is true and it's improving.

Many of these "Hub functions" are traditionally storage intensive. I feel I would be a mid level user when it comes to carrying content, as of today I have:

  • Music, has been cut down too(more on that later) 7.74 GB
  • Videos (movies/ TV not home) all removed
  • Photos & home videos 893 mb.
  • Apps, now I carry this on a smart phone so guess what I’ve got myself a few apps, 2.73 GB worth to be exact.

Where’s you point I hear you asking for the past 3 paragraphs (technically not paragraphs). My point is I carry a lot of stuff and with all due respect to the cloud *wave to cloud*, between mobile/cell tower coverage, phone data caps, excess usage bills (in Australia) and cloud storage space limitations with free accounts (that said I have 100gb with drop box due to many many promotions) its just not up to the job of replacing locally stored content for 365/24/7 access to my digital goodies.

The Nexus line. (at last I hear you say)

I have never met (or owned) a Nexus phone with more then 16 GB of storage which normally equates to about 13 gb of user accessible. The content I want to carry does not fit in there.


I have had to reduce the music I carry (I have a young daughter and she took 1/3 of my available space with The Wiggles and god knows what else) and have had to develop a process of swapping music content on and off. (Thank you bed time (not an app), drop box and drop sync for making this easier).


I’ve removed them all, I use to carry around a few movies (RED {the original} was a constant companion) and whole TV series’s when I had a 32 GB non android device. I would dock at work and watch a little something when I was churning mindless stuff, or go to a friends and they would catch up on the latest episode of … That’s all a thing of the past despite the apps and connectivity for these functions improving hand over fist (mirorcast, chrome cast ...)


This is the one spot I will admit the cloud can mainly have you covered. Using Google + , Facebook instagram ect, you can easily store and access all of your photos but to achieve this within the size limits can require monitoring.


As for photos but the quality gets very reduced or your back into issues with storage space and streaming limits.


Stock is good but even stock apps can have better versions (I’m looking directly at you gallery). And many smart phone owners want to extend the usability of their device with apps or functions not in the stock catalog. I am constantly having to delete low (low not no) use apps, on many occasions these are apps I do use and have active data on but I make the decision to access them solely from my tablet which has larger storage and an SD (or web UI as well if it has one).

The point

For reasons that I simply do not understand Google insists on releasing phones with only 16gb of internal storage with no expandability. Ok so they say if you have to manage a file system on a phone then the phone UI/ UX has failed. I don’t agree for myself but for many of the friends and family I provide tech support for I firmly see your point.

However Apple have been providing 16, 32 and 64 GB options of their iPhone for at least 3 years.

Why oh why can I not get a Nexus phone with more space. I hope I am wrong and that the leaked phone is only one storage configuration and there is indeed another international model with more storage space , but history has taught me not to get my hopes up.

Does anyone else share my frustrating location on the Venn diagram?