Why is it that we are obsessed with smartphones? Why do we (collectively, including the normal consumer) care about what device we choose to be our smartphone? Does it really matter what operating system a smartphone runs on anymore? We have reached a point in personal consumer technology where every smartphone whether it is a BlackBerry device or an iPhone we can all do the basics, call, text, browse the Web on advanced network technologies, and download third party applications onto our device. But, look at this way, what does the average consumer end up doing on their phone anyways? Let's really think about it, calk, text browse the web and download the odd application here and there. Ahh, well does that not cover what every operating system and device can do? But, then the argument night be well not all operating systems are equivalent in the application department. While that may be true, does it really matter? Stay with me for a moment.

Look at the highest specced phone on the market right now: the Galaxy Note 3. If you don't already know it has 3GB of RAM, a quad core CPU in some countries, an octacore CPU in others. Now, why in the hell does a phone have almost the exact same specs as a laptop? Why do we need all that power for? While, the android enthusiast might drool over these specs the average Joe or Sue might walk into their local cellular store and buy it not knowing and not giving a flying fuck about how much horsepower their phone has. But, what are they going to use that phone for? Well they will enjoy their candy crush saga, or angry birds or get on Instagram, or Facebook and Twitter and Vine, the list goes on and on. But what's the point of having all that and doing so little.

I'm not saying forgo smartphones all together I'm just saying If you put down a OS or a phone just because of a couple apps, does it really matter? Is your health and way of living impaired because you dont have one of these apps? We are walking around with mini computers in our pickets yet we adamantly put down objects just because they are missing some apps. I think we should stop looking at specs and if we worry about anything, worry about whether my phone is reliable enough to take out (decent battery life, won't freeze and crash, won't give you the red ring of death etc.).

With that look at the Moto X, the iPhone(pick one), and the Blackberry Z30. What do all of these device have in common? They all are, (in comparison to most high end phone referenced earlier) are all underpowered. They don't have the quad core CPU or the 3GBs of RAM. But does it matter? When combing the reviews for all of these devices, there is a common theme and that is that they all are speedy, reliable, and won't leave you with a sad face in normal performance, and that ladies and gentlemen is what counts the most in a smartphone. The fact that so many people in the world have access to mini computers and web access and an online presence is becoming more ubiquitous, I think that is what amazing about today's technology. The fact that smartphone such as these three embody what a smartphone should do is amazing (performance, reliability and the basics).

More smartphones into the future should look at what these phones can do and copy them. With the pace the most high end smartphones are going, we will be carrying around phones with 8GBs of RAM and a Oct score CPU with NVidia graphics for Christmas next year and will be playing temple run 3 or candy crush 2 it whatever new game that everyone gets hooked on if. Everything in this piece us my opinion, and personally I may be upgrading to a Blackberry Z30. I see this as my get out of the android space and move to something different card. I know some might disagree with my choice but, I'm not looking at who made the phone I'm looking at reliability and the what the device can do for me right now. Honestly I think that's the way others should look at it but its called perception for a reason, its how YOU look at it.