Mavericks killed iTunes contact/calendar sync!

So, this sucks.

I was hoping maybe Mavericks would finally allow users to sync Notes and Reminders between iOS and OS X without iCloud. Nope. But lo: Apple actually opted to remove functionality. The "Info" tab in iTunes (which lets users sync Contacts and Calendars over USB) is gone.

I'm stuck needing to use iCloud (or some other cloud-based solution) to keep my personal information in sync. What gives? Why couldn't tech-savvy users who prefer local solutions keep their original workflow?

And relatedly: why isn't this point getting more media attention (especially with the NSA in the limelight)? Consumers no longer have any viable way (between Apple, Microsoft, and Google) of managing their personal information between desktop and mobile privately. Does anyone else feel that's just not right?

(Referencing this article from MacWorld.)