New Windows Phones on Verizon and a couple of questions

I bought a Nexus 4 and switched to T-Mobile from Verizon because I couldn't afford to pay for a single person's plan. My roommate is interested in the share plan however, and I'd end up paying less money for a shared plan with him. I had an HTC 8X while I was on Verizon and liked it a lot, and I'm definitely of thinking of going back to Windows Phone if I do end up switching. Since I haven't had one in a little over half a year however, I haven't been following the Windows Phone news as much as I used to, and I was wondering if you guys could help me out:

  1. Are there any Windows Phones of note coming out anytime soon on Verizon that are better than the 928? The 928 looks like it hits on pretty much all of my criteria (unless it has terrible battery life, in which case please say so because that's an absolute no-go), so unless anything upcoming before 11/22 is absolutely game changing this isn't super important.

  2. Is Verizon like AT&T in that it blocks updates to the phones when Microsoft releases them? I have to admit, I've definitely gotten into the instant updates on the Nexus.

  3. Has anyone switched from a Nexus 4 to a Windows Phone, or even better, a Windows Phone, to a Nexus 4, back to a Windows Phone? If so, were you glad you made the decision.

I love me some technology, but I'm not a super appy guy, nor do I require a phone that will send a rocket to the moon. I just need a phone that provides consistently good performance, a good camera, and really good access to social media. My 8X did nearly all these things very well when I had it, and I wanted to make sure that those of you who've stayed with Microsoft for longer than I did are still happy with your purchases.

Sorry this was such a long winded post. It's been a very long day and my ability to structure anything written in the English language has been severely diminished.