Best DVR for downloading shows to your portable devices?

I am moving soon and I have 4 potential DVR solutions. I currently have a Tivo Premiere XL4 on Time Warner cable. I hate Time Warner cable's cable card because channels will black out and recordings will fail for no reason on a more than occasional basis and if you still have one of their cable boxes you see just how clearly terrible of an interface the cable box is, i.e. the interface is terribly slow, if you click too many times it will keep going until stopped which wouldn't be so bad if it showed any useful information about the channels its flying through, and if you switch to on demand and hit guide it shows you a list of on demand channels only. Add to that the fact I have to pay TiVo $16/month and $6/month

I am most interested in Dish or AT&T both of which have what seem to be close approximations of the TiVo experience without the headaches of TiVo on cable card. AT&T and Dish are both well regarded TV experiences that offer an option to download the TV shows to your device. My main question is which is the best of these 2 for a smooth experience of recording TV shows and downloading those shows onto an iphone or ipad. My next choice would be to get an Eyetv which does the job and feels less janky than TiVo but requires a little more effort and only records one TV show at a time which is why I sent it back after the first time I tried it. My last option is to go back to my TiVo on Time Warner cable. Which of these should provide the best smooth experience for someone looking to regularly take shows on the road with them?