Yoga alternative, <1000$?

For the past 8 months I've been on a ship. So now I am quite a bit out of touch with what's up in tech world. I did manage to assemble myself a desktop PC configuration which will obviously be my main gaming/work machine.

I also have a Nexus 7 but as much as it has been god given on a ship, it's pretty much useless to me now when I have access to a laptop and good wifi. All of it's uses I divided between a laptop and my windows phone (520 for now, 920 soon).

Now I need a new laptop. Here is what I would like:


- 12-15.6" screen

- 1600x900 minimum (if possible 1080)

- max 5 lbs (2.5kg)

- min 5h battery life with normal use (browsing, FullHD video playback, casual gaming like Baldurs gate)

- obviously touchscreen and some kind of convertible form factor (ala Yoga)

- SSD 128+

I guess first gen yoga would be an obvious choice, or yoga 2 pro if I can stretch my budget, which I am loathe to do.

So basically it comes down to:

Is there a Yoga alternative below 1000$ worth buying?

I don't need you guys to give me detailed descriptions or such, I just need some names and model numbers, I can do the rest.

So far this is the list I've compiled:

- Vaio Tap 11

- Vaio Flip 14 (no SSD, how much of an impact does that make?)

- Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 14 (only 768P screen available)

- Lenovo ThinkPad Twist (only 768P screen available)

- Toshiba Click (probably the worst of them all)

- Dell XPS 12 (too expensive)

Anything else?

HP, Dell?

If there is nothing else, nothing better, I might just go for a touchscreen laptop, non convertible.