Searching for combined Calendar and Tasks app

I saw The Verge post about the iOS app, Fantastical 2.

I am desperate for something like this on Android, particularly after browsing all the differnet options. It's been really hard to find something that meets everything I'm looking for. I'd certainly accept something close. Plus, I'm personally indecisive about whether I want the tasks/reminders to come from Gmail Tasks or Google Keep.

  • A calendar date picker. I really dislike picking the date I want on a scroll wheel, particularly when I have a soft deadline of "3 weeks" or the like.
  • A typed or duration time picker. Again, I don't like scroll wheels for picking the time either. I like to see a keypad for this. And I also like to see the option to set a duration instead of picking an end time.
  • A combined task/event creator. I'd like to see just one button for "new," enter information, and then decide if it's a task or an event.
  • A customizable widget. I'd like it to present my calendars and tasks both at once with different options for font, calendar color support, ability to check off tasks.
  • (Probably impossible) It would be so awesome if I could link a specific email (from Gmail) to a task or event. Too often, I'll want to check on an email later or an invitation will be informally written to me and I'll want to turn it into a task or event. It's a chore to copy and paste the details, and I wouldn't have a direct way to check if additional emails have come in with updates.