Surprising Experiences With Surface 2

A bunch of people on my college campus have picked up the Surface 2 so I decided to grab one myself and was particularly intrigued by two things:

  1. How much I'm using it in general. I was shocked by how much I started using my iPad for things this year and just in this last week, I've used the Surface to double that amount of time. I was happy to see that folding the touchcover back turned off input (I never got a clear answer from anyone on that question) and on top of being productive it's just a beautiful device.
  2. How much I don't mind using it in portrait mode while browsing the internet. Almost all reviews noted how awkward the Surface 2 was in portrait mode because of it's 16:9 aspect ration and I was 100 percent positive I would agree with that assertion. It couldn't be further from the truth. Without even realising it, while browsing The Verge and my other favourite sites, I just end up holding the thing in portrait mode. I rest the bottom edge on my lap, hold the top with a free hand, lean back, and enjoy.

After further exploring the point, I noticed many sites -- including The Verge -- noted that a taller screen was preferable for browsing the internet while reviewing the Chromebook Pixel with it's taller-than-average screen, but didn't extend this same reasoning to the Surface. Of course, the Pixel is nowhere near as tall as the Surface and personal taste is going to come into effect here, but for me, portrait seemed surprisingly natural with the Surface.

What bothers me most about the device is the lack of games. There are a bunch of solid titles on there, Skulls of the Shogun is one of my favourite indie games of the last couple years, but nothing like the library I've built up on my iPad. Also, it slows down more than I like while multitasking but that only seems to be a problem while downloading apps or music in the background. It is a wonderful device overall and with a tiny bit more software support I would call it the best on the market.