Question regarding a trackpad solution for a desktop

Greetings again, MS friends,

So, I made a thread a week or so ago about the Dell Venue 8 Pro or whatever it's called, and got some great feedback. Appreciate that, looks like I may be pulling the trigger on that soon. In addition to getting a tablet/possible laptop hybrid, I want to build a gaming rig soon. Nice big, powerful desktop with top of the line components inside, ya know? Well, since getting my Macbook Air back in January 2012, I have absolutely fallen in love with the trackpad. I am so used to using gestures that, outside of games, I don't even use a mouse as my trackpad does everything and more that I need.

Now let me be clear, I'm under no delusion that a trackpad is useful in games (outside of maybe a very select few). I'll be getting a nice mouse to go with my rig for that purpose.

What I am here to ask is, are there any trackpads for Windows that use similar gestures as those found on a MBA? Also, are any of those trackpads even remotely comparable to the one found on a MBA?

Thanks for the tips! :)