Standardization of scoring in reviews

The 15" rMBP got a 10 for display and the 13" got a 9. The review doesn't explain the difference in score. It doesn't indicate that the display is worse in any respect. Looking at the display specs alone, the 13" is a denser display and just looking at the 2 I couldn't notice any difference in quality.

Is it because the "Best Retina" setting for the 13" is the equivalent of 1280*800 in screen space? If thats the case then the 15" too is also only equal to 1440*900, and the difference is baseless as 15" having more space than 13" is an advantage inherent to its size.

Just looking for a clarification. Is the score assigned following some standard or is it left to the whims of the reviewer?(For any review on The Verge, not just these 2 computers) If its the second option, then the whole point of having a numeric score is lost as there is no standardization.

Subjective opinion has no place in an objective analysis.