Lenovo T440 series is now available.

Silently, Lenovo US made their T440 series available for purchase last night.


Just from spec sheet, I'm slightly disappointed.

Not at T440. T440 is at the lower end. It's an ordinary ultrabook, it's a great succession to the series.

T440p is a little bit heavy at 4.1-4.7 lbs,and it's also at 1.29'', in 2013, seriously? I could see Lenovo is trying to make a workstation level laptop, but Dell make workstation M3800 at 18mm and 4.1 lbs

To get a on-par internal like other high end ultrabooks, it cost over $1400, I feel it's slightly overpriced.Any thought? Especially if anyone has put their hands on one.

That's my 2 cents. Any thought?