Halloween and Android Kitkat... Good one Google

So with Google being Google and always doing a play on words and dates (eg. Honeycomb announced in Spring, Gingerbread announced around winter)

So this is just me connecting the dots, I have no hard evidence of any sort...

  1. Most Rumors pointed to a Oct 31st (Halloween)
  2. Next version of Android: Kitkat
  3. Last years Nexus 4 announcement pushed back and announced threw an exclusive interview with The Verge Android police coverage of The verge exclusive First Look
  4. The Verge Cast is having their 100th Episode on 31st Oct.
  5. Josh was no where to be seen on the Verge Cast last week (I have no idea where he was, just speculating that he was probably at Google HQ)
  6. They have also been awfully quiet about the Nexus 5 as a whole on The Verge (then again they aren't known to hype up rumors)
Anyone else has anything to add to this??? Thoughts?