Thinner and lighter iPad killed Surface 2 (or any other tablet).

Really? Of course if it was possible I'd prefer thinner and lighter Surface (with the same screen and battery life). Is it "new standard"? Maybe. But after presenting Xperia Z Tablet on february (6.9 mm,

Do I prefer thinner and lighter device? Yes, and iPad Air is porobably excellent in this regard. But bashing other devices (often more powerful and versatile) for its dimensions is silly. Especially heard from people who used big iPads for years and praise it for design.

Is iPad Air thinner and lighter than Surface 2. Hell yeah. And a lot of people need a tablet only for browsing, media consumption and apps. So they have their (almost) perfect device. But there's other group of people ( often connected with MSFT ecosystem) who needs mouse / physical keyboard input, productivity software, etc... And Surface can be the perfect device for them. I really doubt that we need another war "which device is BETTER". None is better. IT DEPENDS, and it depends not only on objective features like app selection, input methods, dimmensions, versatility, ect... but also on PREFERENCES (design, "feel", OS, 1st party ecosystem) and it is silly to argue about such relative and personal things.