Nexus 5 - Some (Possible) First Impressions

*** Take this with a large grain of salt. It's the condensed version of a Reddit AMA by someone who spent some time with a N5, they provided some new pics as evidence but still...***

Always on microphone (touchless control on moto x)? :)
Hangouts. Were the sms messages threaded with the hangouts messages? yup.
What were some new things you noticed about KitKat? complete backup solution, think icloud but for android.
Like, app data is backed up? That would be sweet. i am under the impression, apps data, saved games, settings for each app, etc.
Speed/fluidity compared to Nexus 4? i didnt notice any lag or hiccups. i made an effort to move my thumb very slowing up and down and the screen tracked it perfectly. same for quick, rapid flick up or down. it moved very nicely.
Touchless controls? Impression of the device? doesn't feel cheap like a samsung device, feels great in the hand, its similar to holding a G2 but no volume controls [on the back]. im very impressed.
Thoughts on the camera? i was told improvement from the n4 but don't expect anything like the s4/iphone 5s.
Hi! What was the update for? Any details on software versions / build numbers or anything crazy like that? the update brings you to 4.4.1. no radical changes after it completed but i did get a prompt for a google drive offer after rebooting the phone.
How much space was the offer?? 100 GB, i think its why there's going to be a better backup.
Battery life (if you had enough time to look at stats)? i didnt have the phone long enough to test, sorry. but from the eng i talked to, you are looking at around 17 hours talk time, 8 hours web surfing, 6 hours of video watching.
hows the display quality? color vibrance brightness contrast? did it wow you? [Average.] about there, great for what i'm hearing the price will be. but there's much better if you're willing to pay (eg. htc one).
What have you been hearing the price will be? 99% certain, starting at $349.
is it anything like lg g2 where if you tap it it wakes up? or anything else like that? its pure android, there is no customzations that i saw like with the LG launcher.
I see. Thank you for the reply! hope you had fun playing with the nexus 5. will you be buying it? definitely, i can live with the tradeoffs for the price....
What kind of tradeoffs do you mean? the battery isnt as good as other devices out in the market today. same goes for the display. sound is really good. but the price is going to be much lower than other current devices without a contract.
how's the GPS on the device? the device couldn't leave an specific area indoors, so i couldn't try. sorry.
I'd love to believe you, and these images look real and unlike any of the others I've seen, but I've been hurt too many times. Can you provide proof that those are your images? id love to but the device could not leave the facility. i was able to take a few quick photos. i will be returning tomorrow, hope to share more... best advice from a fellow tech fan, avoid reddit and the tech blogs till its out.. the suspense will drive you crazy!!!!
Does it taste like chocolate? no sadly. fresh plastic mixed with finger sweat. don't do it when you get yours, i learned the hard way.
do you think that the device will meet up to all the hype its getting, (ie. people are refreshing the page costantly to try and buy it, people have been lurking forums/articles/leaks for a long time)? absolutely. people who browse this site hate contracts and want an experience free from carrier bloatware. for "regular" folks, the value proposition changes. to them they're getting a new phone for $0 on a contract because they dont want to pay for anything. the nexus devices have never posted sales numbers like samsung.

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