Apple iPhone 5/5S Leather Case Review



I haven't heard many people talking about the leather case, so I thought I'd make a post for anyone who is considering buying one. I just picked mine up yesterday and it's had quite an impression on me since then. The quality of the case is really impressive, as are the small details like the button covers, port cut-outs, and the camera hole.

The first thing you'll notice is how soft and smooth the aniline leather is on your fingers. My prior case was made out of a (sort of) stiff plastic that was constantly being scratched, stretched, and discoloured. As you might now, Apple advertises that the case will change with use. If you've ever owned leather furniture, purses, or possibly car seats, then you know exactly how this leather case will inevitably end up looking after a long time. I'm aware, as several forum members have pointed out, you can treat the leather with conditioning products to prolong its' lifetime. There's some great detail in this case, especially on the inside where you'll find a soft cloth material that likely isn't going to scratch your phone when inserting it.

The leather material is slightly grippier than the back of the aluminum iPhone 5/5S models, but not by a whole lot. It's certainly less grippy than similar rubber cases, though I won't go as far to say I found it slippery. I actually didn't have any trouble holding my phone, nor did I drop it on my shaky bus ride home. Depending how you hold your phone I can't guarantee you won't drop it, especially if you tend to hold it loosely.

I was especially happy with how clicky the volume buttons remained when using the case. My biggest problem with cases (from the iPod Classic, to the iPod Touch, to the iPhone) has always been how they tend to make pressing certain buttons tedious. I'm happy to say this isn't the case, with the exception of the sleep button, which is notably less easy to press than the volume buttons. It really doesn't take much away from the experience of using a bare iPhone, which I personally would use if not for the fear of it being damaged.

There's also some port cut-outs on the bottom for the microphone and speaker grills as well as the [lightning] port. Depending on your preference you may or may not appreciate that the bottom is covered. I personally prefer it to the metal being exposed. You might note that there are no plastic rings preventing the shape of these cut-outs from being torn or "dented".

Lastly, for those who enjoy using their iPhone as a camera, I'm really impressed with how protected the lens assembly is when using this case. It's recessed approximately just over 1mm from the exterior of the case and, as the photo shows, protected by a hard plastic ring, which I assume is meant to keep the form of the leather from being stressed out of shape.

Hope this helps anyone who's been unsure of whether or not to buy this case

Update: Fixed Thunderbolt/Lightning confusion.