Seems like iOS 7 just doesn't like 512 MB ram?

I thought the iPhone 4S runs iOS 7 fairly well but today I was playing asphalt 8 on it and it was really lagging. I remember clearly that it used to run pretty damn good on iOS 6. I think its pretty obvious by now that the 512 MB ram is the biggest problem with iOS 7 as no device without 1 GB ram is running it effortlessly.

It had always been argued that iPhone doesn't need as much ram as android flagships ever since they started getting 1 GB or more ram. I am absolutely not trying to say that iOS 7 is as much of a ram hog as android jelly bean but it just leads us to an important conclusion that having a slight headroom with ram can never be a bad thing.

It was wrong of apple to give only 512 MB ram to a 2011 flagship device and it is again wrong of apple to give only 1 GB ram to 2013 flagship devices. Why is apple being so ridiculously cheap about ram? Don't tell me "apple knows best" because its clearly not the case today on 512 MB iOS devices.