10 Facts Uncle Sam Hopes American Citizens Never Learn About Edward Snowden & The NSA...


Not too long ago Edward Snowden rocked the world with public disclosures about NSA’s billion dollar Prism project that is paid for by U.S. taxpayers – without their knowledge nor consent. The original reaction was shock. But had we all been told what Prism is capable of doing, the world might be more outraged than simply shocked. Here is what NSA and Uncle Sam doesn’t want you to know about how Prism can be used and how despite a billion dollar investment, has failed miserably at detecting terrorists, but has been very effective in identifying American dissidents including this writer…


Prism spy technology allows 9 agencies of the U.S. government to transform and use any I-Phone or Android phone ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD into a remote listening, recording, and viewing device without our knowledge nor court order, and they have listened into the private official and unofficial conversations of our NATO allies, diplomats, Congressional and foreign leaders around the world, as well as over 30 million Americans. How many diplomats and leaders around the globe do not use an I-Phone or Android phone? Those that do now have almost zero secrets left and can easily be blackmailed.


Prism tech also allows the very same people to tap into the PCs, laptops, tablets anywhere in the world and also transform those devices into remote viewing, listening, and recording devices without our knowledge nor a court order. Do you have a laptop in YOUR bedroom?


Prism technologies have been used to spy on every American organization that has the word "Patriot" in their name. Alex Jones, Michael Moore, Jess Ventura, and even Congressman Ron Paul are being monitored 24/7. Why? Are they suspected terrorists?


Prism technology allows the FBI and other law enforcement agencies to covertly access computer hard drives of anyone around the world and implant false evidence – like child porn files on any target they may want to embarrass, arrest, or lock away. Think about this in case you belong to a group whose name includes the word "Patriot".


Prism technology allows the FBI and other law enforcement agencies to access and delete the hard drives of anyone around the world and covertly copy or "fry" (destroy) files, photos, or other evidence of their choice – including a reporter’s investigative files on government corruption. (Thank God for disconnected USB drives)



Prism technology allows the FBI and other law enforcement agencies the ability to access and insert false evidence like telephone numbers on the electronic files of any telephone company in the world. You try to explain why your telephone number is on the 2001 mobile phone bill of Bin Laden! Again if you belong to one of those "Patriot" groups you had better take notice. Not a joke when you learn that FEMA has built more than a dozen secret prisons around America that are now empty but that have 2 million vacancies. For whom?


NSA’s prism program is not as new as you think. Domestic Surveillance in America is almost 50 years old! In fact its roots can be traced back to Operation Coinintelpro (Google it) and the Echelon, Carnivore, and Predator projects used to spy on and embarrass Martin Luther King and other "radicals" of past times. But the latest and boldest project version (Prism) can instantly deny millions of targeted computers access to the internet in less than one minute by executive order "if martial law has been declared, or America is in imminent danger of cyber attack". Again, no court order is required. What and WHO defines "imminent danger"???


Prism technology has been used to capture the names and emails of over 20 million American who have accessed and downloaded copies of "The Hamilton Papers", the movies "Zeitgeist" and "Loose Change", "Paladin Press catalogs", and who visited the web sites of alternative news sites like infowars.com, democraticunderground.com, and even Congressman Ron Paul’s Congressional website! Why?


Using Prism technology, NSA can track the exact location of any American using a cell phone , every bank and credit card transaction, and every website visited by any American over the last ten years, without your knowledge nor court order – thanks to the Patriot Act, and Microsoft which openly "cooperates" with an open "back door key" given to Uncle Sam. Likewise, most antivirus and anti-spyware companies voluntarily do not detect government-sponsored spyware signatures.


Despite all this billion dollar golly gee whiz technology that has been in place since 2000, the NSA failed to prevent 911, failed to detect numerous attacks on U.S. embassies, abroad, and the Boston bomber. In fact, the incredible spy technology, according to CIA insiders, has yet to lead to the detection or arrest of a single terrorist. Probably because 80% of Prism resources are focused on U.S. citizens and not terrorism.

Fortunately most all of the above requires:

A) a connection via hard-wire, Wi-Fi, or G3,

B) unobstructed microphones and cameras on your phones, laptops, and tablets,

C) electrical current,

D) A GPS enabled mobile device.

Some Playdoh or Blue Tack over the camera and microphone of your bedroom laptop is a nice start towards anti-spyware, but from there you will have to use your imagination. Think your VPN is keeping you from prying eyes? Guess again unless you are using Tor (SEE: http://news.cnet.com/8301-1009_3-576...ind-tor-users/ ) Maybe 10 million Americans talking about the similarities of our government and Nazi Germany with their friends 30 minutes a day might keep our G men preoccupied with overtime hours that they too come to despise the Prism project as much as 95% of the law-abiding citizens of America?



If Snowden lives long enough to write a book, I ‘m sure there will be a few more surprises. My guess he will suffer a "heart attack", "suicide", "drug overdose", or some "boating or car accident", like so many others before him. Then again he may be kidnapped and end up playing cards with Bradley Manning for the next 35 years – simply for telling the truth. (Justice – American Style)

For those of you who might dismiss the above comments as the work of a paranoid fool, just think back to 1949 when George Orwell penned his classic 1984. Ironically it was the same year as China’s revolution. He was ridiculed and labeled a "paranoid man". Who’s laughing now? Are you aware that during the Bush/Cheney regime, it was decided that Americans should have restricted access to the internet? Take a look at the CISPA legislation that was being pushed through the Congress. A revised version is the works. Pay attention folks because your last source of truthful unbiased news is now targeted for government censorship. My information is that currently a new Prism project is tracking citizens who legally purchase ammunition and firearms and communicate with one another electronically more than once a month.

By writing this little article that will occupy the minds of most Americans for less than 15 minutes, this author will earn a life-time of monitoring. As a former federal agent whistle-blower, I am willing to pay that price for the cause of true liberty and any American who has been wrongly prosecuted and jailed with the help of Prism technology. God bless America and damn those who have hijacked our government and try to subvert the U.S. Constitution.

FYI... Unlike Lavabit E-Mail provider which legally challenged the NSA rather than surrender it's private email data on millions of Americans, Microsoft and Skype readily handed over all the requested data without even a whimper of protest. Should we boycott MSN, Skype, and stop buying other Microsoft products in protest? To learn how to thwart the NSA, check out this link for some clever tricks http://fstoppers.com/tools-to-use-to-avoid-uncle-sams-snooping

Written By: Ashamed But Truthful American (Former U.S. Justice Department employee/whistle blower and U.S. Treasury Agent now exiled in China after my book manuscripts were stolen from me at gunpoint by federal agents without warrants. I can't believe I spent 5 years of my life working for thugs with badges)