Next Gen?! I Think We're Getting Fooled!

The following post is a vent which I have been discussing with my brother for the past couple of days. I wanted to get honest opinions and people's feelings on the subject matter.

We are on the eve of Next-Gen Consoles. The time to get dazzled and blown away quickly approaches. But, the sad thing is someone is getting deceived. Consumers are getting the short-end of the stick and we're happy with it because we're caught up in marketing schemes.

When I first saw the reveal of both xBone & PS4 I was left underwhelmed. I think I was more ecstatic when I saw the Wii U reveal. I can give you a quick history about myself. I have been gaming since the days of NES and have had every major console since, so I have seen quite a couple of launches and Next-Gen improvements. But 8th gen is such a let down that I had to share my pet peeves.

~When the PS3 & Xbox360 launched there was only 1 FPS for each respective console. PS3 had Resistance: Fall of Man and Xbox360 had Call of Duty 2. They both had a wide array of different games to get excited about and represented a big change from the original Xbox and PS2. Fast forward to 2013 and the genre that people are most tired of is the FPS genre. While the genre is exhausted, the most enticing launch titles for gen 8 are........Titanfall, Destiny, CoD: Ghosts, BF4, and Killzone: SF.........all FPS. So gamers are burnt out yet this is whats being offered. Or better yet, Assassins Creed IV, the 7th iteration of the same exciting!

~Next issue I have is the graphics to these next gen behemoths. The current issue going around is the xBones 720p situation. This is a big disappointment for the simple fact that xBox360 has 720p and is also 8 years old. Then I started looking at the games for all four consoles (PS3, PS4, X360, Xbone) and thought to myself, where is the big improvement from last gen? Here is an image of Killzone 3 on PS3 and Killzone Shadow fall on PS4:

~They look almost identical. The graphical upgrade is nowhere in comparison to 7th Gen vs 8th Gen.

~My next annoyance is their functionality. As we move to the future we have come to accept certain features in our technology. I have not had cable TV in many years so I use my xbox360 and PS3 as my media hub. The big thing going around is that these systems no longer support external storage? mp3 support? or CD playback? your telling me that at $400 & $500 consoles, they can not do the same thing my 8 year old systems are doing? For many this is not an issue but for someone like myself who has all his music, photos, and movies attached to the current gen system, this is a huge issue.

As time passes I might pick up both systems up, but from the initial launch I am disappointed. I want to get everyone's opinion if they agree and are looking forward or feel the same notion. Don't let marketing campaigns make your decision!