Soo I have a PC for gaming, but I'm for sure getting an Xbox One, so....question

I'm actually in a very weird position. I spent around $1800 this summer building a rig for CAD work, Music production on DAW software Matlab coding and some Photoshop work....and in the process I guess I made a decently kickass gaming machine (I7 4550k processor, GeForce 760 GPU, 8GB RAM, 27in monitor, yadayada). And so I realize now how dumb it would be to _not_ start getting games for my PC. But Xbox Live and playing with my friends is such a big part of gaming for me and I'm not sure I can make the jump to a mouse and keyboard).

So even though I know I'm getting an Xbox for gaming, among other things, I still have this PC that I can use for gaming as well. Is anybody else in a situation like this? What games do you buy for your console vs PC and how do you decide which goes where?

Keep in mind I use Gamefly for most of my console games (so hopeully they find a way to support digital games).