Nexus 5: Cancel, Return, or Sell?

So I just ordered a 16GB black Nexus 5, and it should ship on November 5th.

The problem: I have Verizon.

I ordered it anyway because I wasn't 110% sure that it was going to be incompatible with Verizon. Well now it seems to have been confirmed, no nexus love for us Verizon customers (PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong here and there is any chance it could work on verizon.)

So the question is, what do I do about my order?

  • Cancel it and give some lucky person out there another shot at ordering one on the first day?
  • Wait for it to get here, weep at how close I came to having it, and then return it?
  • Get it and try and flip on the interwebs for some kind of profit?
  • Keep it and hold out hope for a miracle?
What to do what to do...