Why does The Verge attribute Chrome lag as being an Android OS issue?

They've been going on about this since forever now and are constantly saying that the issue is Android when that is indeed FALSE.

The scrolling lag is an issue with the Chrome app itself, not Android. See: AOSP browser and Dolphin for a smoother experience.

I know Chrome comes installed by default on every new Android phone now so it is kind of a bummer that Google hasn't fixed the laggy scrolling in Chrome. It's just ruining the experience for many people including those here at the Verge. But it's not an Android problem it's a Chrome problem. If the Verge app was shitty laggy and slow (it's not), would the Verge blame Android for that problem? No. It would be the app issue not OS. The same thing applies to Chrome.

I know the Verge is smarter than this so to reiterate my question. Why exactly does the Verge blame the OS for the Chrome app's lag?