Google not supporting the GNex may push me to iOS on my next purchase.

I am a huge Android fan, from the customizability of the OS to the ability to hone down the perfect device you want with so many options.

I have owned various Android devices since 2009. Being a tech fan, as most of us here on TheVerge are, I really hate having an outdated OS, added functionality and features is always something we crave. When i owned an HTC Desire, I sat around for months waiting for the OS update from 2.1 to 2.2 to release. For some reason I had this idea that waiting for the official release was a good idea at first. Finally I got it, and it wasn't a few months after that 2.3 released. With no more patience I decided to root my phone, and flash custom ROMS, which is amazing in itself, but after 2 years of doing so, gets tiring and annoying, and I no longer consider myself to be interested in dealing with all the bugs associated with custom ROMs.

So I decided upon the Nexus line when the Nexus 4 released, after waiting for the stock issues to finally settle themselves (which looks like might be an issue with the N5 again), I finally got my hands on a N4 in February. This device has been my favourite phone since my Motorola Razr in the mid/late 2000s, I have no complaints about it whatsoever (I knew going into the purchase that the camera is shoddy at best, and the battery life is average) so everything worked as expected, and coming from an HTC Desire, oh boy, is the OS fast and fluid.

Now like I said, I no longer have a desire(or the time really) to flash custom ROMs and I hate having an outdated OS. Unfortunately, even though I truly enjoy the Android ecosystem, this issue that has now come up, with the device only being supported for 18 months from release, rather than from when the device stops being sold, it looks as though I have no other options.

And before you comment Microsoft fans, Metro isn't for me.

I truly hope Google changes their mind, because I am sure I am not alone, in this being a big enough issue to push people away from their Android devices.

Sads day for JimmyBanks on this regards :(