Verge Nexus 5 video opinion

Does anybody agree with me that the two videos that the verge posted today were really uninformative and full of negativity? They didn't seem to appreciate the effort google put on the device as much as the Nexus 4 reveal of last year...

I normally love the Verge's videos, but these were short and bland...

I have the feeling that the main editors on "The Verge" are trying hard to like the device, but they can't seem to be able to imagine themselves in the place of the average consumer.

As a consumer, I really wanted to know how much of an improvement they did from the Nexus 4 to the Nexus 5... and i didn't get that. Instead, I learned that android phones have bad cameras, cameras on iPhones are much better, android 4.4 is an OK upgrade, android is laggy...

TLDR: We pay the price of a mid-range device and we can now get an approximatively flagship quality phone. "The verge" team doesn't seem to care about that really.

To prove my point

Much better video than those The Verge did today in my opinion:

The Verge videos:

ps: sorry for english mistakes I am french Canadian