Nexus 4 owners: are you upgrading to the Nexus 5?

My Nexus 4 has been a fantastic phone. Coming from an HTC One and a brief stint with a Palm Pre 3 (WebOS still is pretty amazing), the Nexus 4 was the best smartphone I had ever used. It's still blazing fast and I really still enjoy using.

Each iteration of Jellybean actually improved battery life and made it super quick doing pretty much anything. Even Chrome is fast! So for me the only real selling point for the Nexus 5 is the screen and LTE. I live in France and all 3 operators have 4G in my city but honestly the way I use my phone, I can't see myself actually using the increased performance.

What about you fellow Nexus 4 owners? How has your phones performance kept up? Plan on upgrading to the Nexus 5?