Google and their lousy attempt at fixing the "fragmentation problem"

First of all, when you have an open source system like Android, it is a given that there will be fragmentation. I do not see the problem with that, but if they are so inclined to try to fix it, then all the power to them. However, how can Google possibly say they are trying to fix this fragmentation "problem" when they wont even update the Gnex. Is that not fragmentation? The ONLY reason to buy Nexus devices is updates, yet the Gnex will be getting left behind. What about the people who paid an outright price of over 600 bucks (it wasn't always 350), what about those who put up with bad hardware for the "Google Experience"? This is a lousy attempt and Google comes off as lazy for not updating and supporting their devices. You want to know the sad part? The Galaxy S2 will probably get Kit Kat before the Gnex. Shit like this worries me. How long until my Nexus 7 2013 gets left behind? What about my brothers Nexus 4? And no, flashing ROM's is not an answer.

I hope for those Gnex owners, Google at least includes some sort of play store credit if you upgrade to the Nexus 5. I love Google, and so far Kit Kat has looked to be good and I cannot wait to try it out but this news of the Gnex losing support is a dark cloud on an otherwise great day.

Thank you for reading.