Why is everyone so hung up on HTC?

I see this all over this place. "HTC deserves better, screw Samsung", "The One is the best Android phone ever, it should easily be outselling the S4" or "All Samsung is is marketing, people buy it because they are sheep like they do with apple". HTC is where they are because of their own stupidity. They failed to create a proper brand (think iPhone, Galaxy S series, Note series, Xperia). They failed to retain their users by abandoning them early in the lifespan of a device. They built phones with issues like battery life (still do). They made like 5 different flagship phones a year. They have had build quality issues (One). It was no ones fault but their own. You can't blame Samsung for taking over the market (any company would do this, it's natural). You can't blame Apple for continuing their dominance. I'm tired of users here blaming everyone but HTC for their shortcomings. Why do so many of you baby HTC? To be frank, it is, I hate using this word but, retarded. Plain and simple.