IOS7 + iPad

Hey guys, hope all is well. I've come to really enjoy IOS7's look. I was one of the people at first that just thought I would never like it, but then it hit me super hard when I realized what Apple had done. I was extremely worried about how it would look on iPad. I held back from updating, then finally did. I love how it looks on the iPad. I think it's great. Granted I still feel there is icon inconsistency, overall I really enjoy it. The only problem is it is filled with bugs. The worst I've ever seen actually. I've never had a software update from Apple that was filled with this many bugs. In some cases it renders my iPad hardly usable.I hope they get the bugs out fast.

Anyone else having this problem? I'm excited for these bugs to get addressed because I really enjoy how IOS7 looks with iPad, and I love how it works. I also enjoy it on the iPhone. Once you start using it for a while it's hard to go back and look at the darker IOS6 ui. It's a major improvement in my opinion. I am running an iPad 3 so I'm not sure if it being an older model with lesser specs has anything to do with it, but right now it's super buggy. I'm getting a lot of freezing, a lot of areas where it gets stuck. The orientation screen transition from landscape to portrait works like how Gingerbread did. It seems like frames are dropping like crazy. Still, i'm excited about it and i have to say using IOS7 for while, then going back to the old really puts what Apple has done into perspective. I think they did a good job for how quick of a turn around it was since they started it.