2014 may be a hard year for WP8.

Two facts:

  • Nokia accounts for 80% of WP8 devices sold.
  • WP8 gain traction mainly in Europe and Asia.

Why WP8 devices are selling so well in Europe? Because of WP8? Nope. Because Nokia have tremendous mindshare here. People love Nokia. People are buying WP8 devices because they're Nokia-branded. Of course there're exceptions, but in general, WP8 success in Europe is almost all about Nokia, IMHO. In 2014, without Nokia branding, MS will be having VERY hard time convincing people to buy MS-branded Lumias.

And Asia? I was on a trip in Vietnam for 3 weeks and I was really suprised how many Nokia shops, banners and phones of course were there. A lot of them were Lumias. Nokia has a mindshare. Nokia brand in Asia really matters. And it matters more than MS brand I think. I know that price is one of the key factors on Asians markets, but branding is almost as important.

We are not sure what are Microsoft plans for rebranding, but IMHO it will be very easy to screw that process and kill WP8 by own hands.