Oh yeah, 64 bit has surely has zero benefits for consumers

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Of course, Qualcomm will hate to admit that Apple, who is not exactly a chipmaker, has overtaken in adopting 64-bit. But sadly, the developer community for iPhone is so vibrant and excited that there are already a handful of apps utilising the 64-bit architecture of the A7 chip just about a few weeks after its launch. Here are some examples:

Pixlr Express PLUS

Count on Autodesk (known for its professional-grade software applications in design and graphic arts) to make use of the A7 processor with an image editing app. Pixlr Express Plus lets you edit images right on your phone but with tools that make the experience comparable to using a desktop application. The number of editing tools is remarkable, and the precision with which they work is astounding. There are simple buttons for whitening teeth and removing red-eye, but the more exciting ones can balance colors or lighten areas of an image that were cast in shadow. Very cool.

123D Creature Show:

Utilising a multithreaded, 64 bit architecture 123D Creature Show harnesses the power of the A7 processor and GPU to perform complex posing and deformation calculations previously requiring a dedicated desktop workstation.

Sing! Karaoke by Smule:

The app also leverages that A7 chip and its 64-bit architecture with new vocal effects, so you can now make your voice sound as if you're singing in the Sydney Opera House or the Taj Mahal. Previously only possible on professional digital audio workstations.

djay 2

The app leverages the A7 chip with a new feature called Harmonic Match for key detection and pitch shift, which helps you create harmonic mashups by transposing songs in real-time to match their key with another song.

vjay for iPhone

support for HD video playback and special mixing effects that are exclusive to iPhone 5s owners with the A7 processor.

Sure, these are not life-changing or very huge improvements. Still, with the A7 Apple is again pushing the limits of mobile computing with its complete control of hardware and software(64-bit chip and 64-bit OS), and also a vibrant and passionate group of developer community. ( again, iPhone 5s started to be sold just about a few weeks ago).

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