Windows Phone to Android apps

Hi guys.

I´m new to android, all great so far, but I´m missing some basic features I had on WP, and I can't find the right apps, so I was hoping you could point me to the right direction.

I´m looking for the following:

-On WP I could pin a tile for a specific contact, which displayed its recent activity on social networks, including status and uploaded photographs. Any widget with similar functionality? 
-Unified messaging: Any app with sms and chat combined like WP?


- Photosynth? I still can’t believe we don’t have that. I’m on Android 4.1 , so that takes of the picture some apps :/ .

Any other suggestions for a WP experience on Android? (Functionality wise). I already have ZPlayer for a zune styled music player, which I love.

Thanks in advance.