HTC Now.. Sony Next?

I was an android user using Samsung S2 & Nexus 4, but currently rocking a Nokia 925, which is actually a lovely phone to carry around.

I am very satisfied & happy with my Nokia 925, but having used Samsung GS2 and Nexus 4, I believe, the only company which actually knows, how to build Android phones is Samsung.

HTC & Sony though are very competitive at higher price points, but lot of people just do not care about that and simply buy S4 because its advertised heavily, has greatest specs and has all that one wants in a phone. When I say all that one wants, I refer to memory card & removable battery which though are neglected are very very important.

Based on reports, Samsung are working on Design 3.0 for their phones, which means shedding off their current design style and coming up with a metallic chassis for their upcoming design which would certainly look premium. I am sure Samsung would try and make sure the metallic look doesn't compromise their ability to insert a memory card and removable battery since they are the major selling points for their phones.

There are also enough reports that Samsung is working on something very revolutionary for their Camera technology as well.

But once Samsung covers up its rough edges, which means giving a stunning metallic feel to their phones & brilliant camera, would anyone try to purchase something that is not Samsung? I hardly doubt. That's the reason I think Sony are next in line with HTC. Even though the Sony's and the HTC's of this world might look better than Samsung, they just simply cannot beat Samsung of 2014.