iPhone 5c Not Selling? Not According to These Surveys

So a bunch of analysts spread this belief that the iPhone 5c was not selling, but rather sitting on the shelves at retailers. Gene Munster was all over this nonsense in an attempt to explain why he so poorly underestimated iPhone launch weekend sales. The real reason Munster underestimated is because he failed to acknowledge that every "S" model phone has far less supply issues than every whole number upgrade. What is more, the 5c is probably the easiest phone that Apple can build and is therefore not having any supply issues.

An article from AppleInsider says that according to a report on US carriers (the market where the 5s figured to outsell the 5c the most since US is not as price-sensitive), the iPhone 5c is either the #2 or #3 selling smartphone depending on carrier. Where it comes in second is only to Galaxy S4 (not the Galaxy Note or HTC One or Moto X or Moto Droid lineup). iPhone 5c comes in second to iPhone 5s at AT&T and Sprint and third place to iPhone 5s and Galaxy S4 on Verizon and T-Mobile.


via cdn1.appleinsider.com

What's more is that the iPhone 5c is likely to sell better in the US at Christmas time as parents purchase new smartphones for their tween and teen kids. A big purchase like that is something that parents will wait for December to make. The iPhone 5c is a fantastic strategy to drive iPhone sales with late adopters and the cost of the iPhone 5c makes Apple indifferent to selling a 5s versus a 5c from a profit perspective.

UPDATE: I failed to mention above that iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c managed to top these surveys in September without even being available for the whole month of September. While stock of iPhone 5s is constrained in October, the iPhone 5c supply is quite healthy. iPhone 5c sales are likely going to surge as Christmas approaches.