iPhone 5s

September 10th rolled around, the day that the iPhone 5s was to be announced. I eagerly waited and followed the Live Blog on The Verge to find out if this was going to be my next mobile device. As I sat there, waiting, watching, playing with my HTC One X and Nexus 4, I thought to myself "Why would I want an iPhone again?"

I had come to a point where I was using 2 phones (I know, this sounds ridiculous) the HTC One X with AOKP Rom and a Nexus 4 with P.A.C Man Rom. Why was I using 2 phones? Simply because the HTC One X had a great screen, beautiful shape and aesthetics, and most importantly LTE. I was also interchangeably using the Nexus 4 because it was super fast and usable at home, but not when data was most important. If I could have combined the two phones together, that would be the device I would be using today.

So I set out to see what phone would be the most similar to the two devices I had used previously (Build Quality, Screen, Camera). I first took a look at phones that could be rooted/boot-loader unlocked, these being the Galaxy S4 and HTC One. Both phones seemed great, but not without compromises. The S4 having a not so desirable build quality and the HTC One having not so favorable button placement and also not the best camera (Especially in an AOSP Rom). Than I looked at the LG G2 and Moto X, on paper, both devices have their great advantages. The LG G2 being top of its class in terms of specifications and the Moto X having a very stock experience with enhancements that I think are extremely valuable.The LG G2 seemed like a great phone, but I just could not get past the Software, on paper it seemed like the perfect phone for me with its gorgeous 1080p IPS display, 13MP OIS Camera, and 3100mAh battery, it seemed to good to be true, which was true until I played with the software :(. The Moto X would also have been a serious contender, but the camera had its faults (which I heard have been solved with software updates). The moral of this story is that we still do not have a no compromise Android Device, sure we have a slew of Good to Great Android phones, but not that one killer one that has Stock Android.

I don't know, maybe I'm a specific use case, but let me tell you why I chose to upgrade to the iPhone 5s.

I had previously mentioned that I had waited and watched the keynote that Apple had put on. I probably had gotten caught up in the "hype" of a new phone announcement, but something told me that I wanted an iPhone 5s right when they announced it. I definitely got caught up in the buzz words they use like "64-bit", which sound cool on paper, but may not be all that useful in practice (at least not yet). After the announcement was finished, I was ready to buy one as soon as possible, or at least until the novelty of those buzz words wore off. Unfortunately, Apple did not put preorders in for the 5s, only the 5c. That would mean I would have to venture out Friday the 20th and get one. That surely turned me off and made me re-evaluate if I wanted to go out and get the Moto X instead (I know 1st World Problems). I'm glad I didn't.

The iPhone 5s is "Unapolegtically Solid", it is the first phone since the iPhone 4 (which I had bought on launch day as well) that made me really appreciate the build quality, color, and "mystique" of the phone. When I say mystique of the phone, I mean that feeling you get when you see the finish and chamfered edges. Just simply beautiful. I kind of think that the iPhone 5s is the "No Compromises Device", but that's not saying it doesn't have its faults. One of the features that I had missed from Android was setting default apps and ability to change up the device to whatever you want (ROMs). This is accomplished on iOS7 a little bit, especially with the Google Applications which can open in Chrome or Maps, but it obviously not the same. It is nice to know that I am able to do most things in my daily life with ease (take pictures, listen to music, surf the web) all pretty solidly. It's not that the iPhone does it the best, its that it does it the simplest.

2 Weeks with the iPhone 5s, and I am loving it, but its not without its flaws.

What do you guys think of your new iPhone 5s and what do you wish would be improved!